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AL9 Chordmaker Version 1.2
AL9 Legato Hold Version 2.1
Velocity Mapper Version 1.0
Reverse Tap Delay Version 1.2
Weighted Random Generator Version 1.1

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I like your suggestion about the chord map. I tried to keep it simple, but adding the ability to set the root and inversion for each key would be nice. This has been on my list of enhancements to add if people were interested.

The voicings are generated algorithmically, there are just WAY too many possibilities there to do it on a per-chord basis. The downside is that it doesn't work that well for extended chords and tends to make them more dissonant. I should probably work on that.

So, yes, the number of chords is limited, I tried to get the most common ones in there without the list getting too long and breaking the UI.

It is possible to add your own custom chords, this video I just posted explains how. You will need to be using the 1.4 (or later) version of the device for this.

For those who are wondering about compatibility, I have only tested this device on Live 11, I don't know about Live 10 or 12.

That's a good idea., I want to do that this week.

Yeah, this strummer is such a great tool, I use it all the time. My favorite trick with this is to put it into sync, use the Random LFO device to run the strummer and feed it with a chord generator. It becomes a very organic sounding arpeggiator.

OK, thanks for the report. Looks like one of the patcher files didn't make it in to the final. I will upload an update tonight.