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MIDI Shaper Version 2
MultiBalance knob to control pan of many tracks Version
1000 Percent Knob Version

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@homenucleonic glad you like it!

MIDI Shaper 2 (extra features + info added):

@hangarsliquides I decided to return the old oscilloscope code, and otherwise everything remained unchanged. There should be no more bugs

@hangarsliquides Thanks for info. Unfortunately, it does sometimes mirror, and exactly the same problem in the original Shaper in Ableton 11.
I don't know how to fix it yet. But I'll work on it

! I made an additional version 2.1a for those who have problems with the plugin's display-oscilloscope.

This version differs in that it uses the code for the oscilloscope from Ableton 10 Shaper, which, in fact, works better, but as I noticed, it loads the cpu a little more.

Link to download MIDI Shaper v2.1a (Google Drive):


I need to see this problem, record a video and send it in private messages.
Btw I made a small update, check it out now


I've tested this on several different versions of Ableton 10 and 11, and everything works nicely.
Make sure that you press the notes, and then you will see an image on the plugin's display