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About Ursine: My prized work so far includes "Retune for Live," a Polyphonic MIDI Retuning System for Live Instruments.

Features include:
- Works with any Live Instrument that supports pitchbend messages
- Four featured tuning systems currently: Just Intonation, Pythagorean Tuning, Quarter Tone, and Bohlen-Pierce tunings with a flexible tuning center
- Supports two custom tuning file formats, the Scala (.scl) scale file and a custom formatted .csv file.
- Up to 16 voice polyphony
- Up to 32 retuned instruments
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Retune for Live Version 1.4

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Hi Amine and Tyler - the new v1.4 should not give you this error if there are empty lines at the end. Thanks, and let me know!

Hey Astro,
That is pretty far off, my guess is there is a mismatch between the pitchbend settings on the software instrument you are using and the pitch bend settings on the Transmitter. If you would like to troubleshoot further, contact me via email. While the MIDI spec is limited to 128^2 discrete pitchbend values and the tuning results will inevitably be slightly off (computers themselves are limited by floating point accuracy anyway, so perfection is impossible), I've tested with much finer accuracy than that!

Hey PHY6, hopefully the version 1.0 fixed this issue for you. If you're still having any problems, let me know!