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Hi TheShotgunSymphony, and thank you for the compliment.

I'll have to take another look at the M4L API, but off the top of my head I think it might be possible to retrigger the playing clip upon receipt of a note from the sender.

What might even be cooler (and would encompass the requested functionality) would be to select from among a number of clips in the track based upon the note pitch. So, for example, say there were five clips in the track. Sending a note with a pitch equal to the root pitch would cause the first clip to be selected, sending a note one semitone above the root pitch would cause the second clip to be selected, and so on. (Sending a note with a pitch that mapped outside the range of playable clips wouldn't do anything.)

Even if such things are possible -and that's a big if-, the playing of clips would probably still be regulated by Live's triggering quantization setting- in other words, whether the clip started playing right away, or at the beginning of the next measure, etc., would be dictated by the control setting.

Thanks for a great idea; now I must research to find out if it's feasible. Or someone else out there, if they're so inclined; the copyright attribute is "By:", which means anyone is free to take it as the starting point for their own creations, as long as they give me credit for the original version. It might take me some time, as I've turned my attention from M4L programming to other things, so I'll have to get back into it.