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About SonicAlchemyst: My name is Timothy aka the Sonic Alchemyst.

As well as a music producer, I make Max4Live plugins through SA Productions.

My goal is to create useful, easy to use plugins that help facilitate an easy work flow to enable more time to be spent creating.
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Devices by SonicAlchemyst

CC Mapper Version 2.0
Track Lister Version 1.0
SA-M Floating Mixer 8 16 24 32 48 Tracks Version 2.3
SA-M8 Lite 8 Track Floating Mixer Version 2.0
SA-V Pro Floating Mixer Meter Bar 8 16 24 32 48 V Version 2.0
SA-F Pro Floating Fader Mixer 8 16 24 32 48 Track Version 2.0
SA-V8 Lite 8 Track Floating Mixer Meter Bar Version 2.0
SA-F8 Lite 8 Track Floating Fader Mixer Version 2.0
SA-X Floating Mixer Collection 8 16 24 32 48 Trks Version 2.3
SA-X8 Lite 8 Track Floating Mixer Collection Version 2.0
SA-TS 48 Track Floating Track Selector Version 1.0
SA-TS 48 Plus Track Floating Track Selector Version 1.0
SA-TS16 Lite 16 Track Floating Track Selector Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,687

Comments by SonicAlchemyst


Hi Ulak,

Thank you for your purchase. I'm happy to hear that the plugins are assisting your work flow.

To answer your questions:
The SA-M and SAMX are 2 different products.
The SA-M has 4 Aux Sends and 4 Returns and only includes the SA-M mixer.
The SA-M has been updated to version 2.3
You purchased the SA-X Collection, which includes the MX, FX, AX and VX.
Tte X collection has 8 Aux Sends and 8 Returns.
The X Collection is currently and version 2.2.1
So the 2.2.1.amxd files are the current ones, and all the files on Gumroad are the current versions.

I'm working on SA-X 2.3 at the moment, and will have that completed in the next couple of weeks. There are some major updates and fixes in version 2.3.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes on an email coming soon. :)

Sonic Dragon

Hi zdrlik,

Thank you for your purchase, and thank you for reaching out.

To respond in order to your comment:
There is a free version here:

~ Virtual Desktops ~
I will email you about this an we can take a look at it together.
I use 4 monitors in the studio, and put the mixer on one of them, which in a touch screen.

Sonic Alchemyst

Hi Tyler,

This is absolutely awesome.
Thank you for creating this tool.
Incredibly useful. :)

Thank you,

Sonic Alchemyst

Hi nowiamone,

Thank you for your feedback. i'm happy that your are appreciating the plugin and my work.

I'm always working to add more features, and I thank you for your suggestions. Feature upgrades are most likely going to be in the full/Pro versions of the plugins that I build as.... well.... bills have to be paid. :)

To respond:
"- let users save the windows position (and size), so when re-loading the project..."

Great suggestion. I'll add that to the upgrade list. :)
Save Size, position and auto-open.

"- save display space ....."

Thanks. Yes. Saving display space is always good. I'll try this one out. Look and feel are also important to give some space for the eyes to breath. (That's the graphic designer talking). :)

"- resize-able Window-size"

Yes. Resizing the window is a feature in the full version of all of my SA Series plugins.

"- deep customization."

Funny you should mention that. I'm already working on a customizable feature set, starting with being able to switch the larger 32 track and 48 track mixers from the stacked position to a linear, more traditional, mixer layout.
Being able to show and hide features, and move them around, is definitely something I'll be looking into in more detail. :)
Thank you for the suggestion. :)

"....optional row for controlling Sends, not via knobs but Faders.....

Great suggestion. I have a large touch panel monitor and faders are definitely easier to use that knobs. I totally get that one. :) Hmm!! Definitely noting that one on the list. :)

"... being even more touch-friendly, the click-able region of the Fader has to be really big"

Totally get it, and noted. Added to the update list. :)

Thank you once again for you feedback.

Sonic Alchemyst

Hi Seathasky,

~ Ableton Group Data Issue ~

I have done a lot of testing and research on forums etc about the meters not working on groups and sub-groups.

It appears that this is an old Ableton Live issue from as back as far as when Groups were added.

When the group is folded/closed, there is no output level data being generated on the tracks inside the group', thus nothing for the meters to display. The only way for the track to generate the data is for the group to be unfolded.

I shall keep researching. Hopefully Ableton will modify the data follow to allow the generation of this data.

Sonic Alchemyst

Hi Again Seathasky,

Thanks for sharing the image from Logic. Yes... That's what I'm used to too. :) That's kinda why I created the more simple 'Silver' version function with less color. I'm definitely wanting to add different styling for future releases. :)

Comment: "Mixer in linear format"

Response: I've got several customers requesting a linear version, so that's definitely top of my list, with the sub-grouping meter bug that you discovered.... Thank you for that one. :)

Comment: "realtime updating to the mixer"

I'm totally in agreement on the realtime updating idea.

I've actually been looking into that from the very beginning. The closest that I've got is the manual 'Auto' feature. The extra challenge is that as I built the mixer to be custom populated with tracks, the mixer setup is completely random.

The realtime updating is definitely still on my radar. :)

Thank you for feedback once again.

Sonic Alchemyst

Hi Seathasky,

Thank you for you fantastic feedback.

I really appreciate you taking the time to share your comments, and suggestions.

To answer and respond:

Question: "I received a serial # on the Gumroad page, but I suppose there is no where to input it?"

Answer: There is no where to input the license key at the moment. I have include that from the beginning, so that if and when these plugins become VST/AU plugins with a license, current users like yourself will have a license key already to go. :)

"I'm currently using the 48 track version. It can get a tad confusing when you have the mixer faders stacked in two vertical rows."

I agree on the idea of the faders in one row like a traditional mixer. I was toying between a little bit of scrolling, or a stack and no scrolling, with scaling to fit on the screen.
I opted for the stack.

I do have the intention of adding a layout shifter for the larger mixers, putting all the tracks in one row, with a toggle to go from the linear mixer view to the stacked mixer view. :)

"....noticed a possible bug with grouping other groups, the meters just stop working period."

Thank you for spotting that. These plugins where build in Live 9, which does not have the grouping-groups function. I do have Live 10 and 11, but do not use that function, and thus did not test through that feature. I shall take a look at resolving that for the next update. I do know that there are some things in Ableton Live that are just not possible though. Thank you for spotting this. :)

"....graphically speaking the mixer isn't terrible but could use a more modern look..."

Well.... I was going for a more retro ('dated') look. So I'm happy for your comment, because that's the feel I was going for. :)

Did you switch from the colored strips to the plain silver tracks? Is that less 'dated/amature'
Which version of Logic are you on?
I personally prefer the Logic UI to the Live UI.

I'm adding your comment to my update list, with the intention of having 'skins'/'look and feel' versions, so that you can pick the style that feels best for you and your work flow. :)

Thank you once again.

Sonic Alchemyst

Hi Zeph,

I see what you mean. :)

The arrangement view never 'jumps'/scoll to the selected track in the session view. This is unfortunately an Ableton live issue. The track will be selected in the arrangement view, but it will not scroll to it.

This is why I always use the session view to access the plugins in my tracks.

That being said following you pointing this out, it inspires me to find a way to auto-switch to the session view for single window view setups, so that it would switch to the session view, with another button to switch back to the arrangement view... :) I shall see what I can do. :)

I'll add this to the upgarde list.

The SA-TS Lite autoloads the first 16 tracks of your project.

The SA-TS and SA-TS+ have 48 tracks for custom selected tracks, autofill with the first 48 tracks from your project, and the "Jumper" function, which jumps up or down 48 tracks at a time.

Hi Zeph,

Your Question:
Does it only select in session view?

Answer: No. It works in both the session view and arrengement view
The SA-TS series select the tracks in the project, which is completely independent of the session and track view.
The SA-TS Lite automatically selects the first 16 tracks of the project, and floats over the top of either the session view or arrangement view, or both if you have the second window open. it doesn't matter.

Hi Zengel,

Thank you for checking out the SA-F8 Lite. :)

To respond to the feature requests above:

Customization of the track selection is available in the SA-F Pro Series which comes in 8, 16, 24, 32 and 48 track version.
You can select any tracks in any order you like. :)

"Track select via name or track number" this function is available in the SA-F Pro Versions.

Check out the SA-F Feature guide in the download for all of the feature differences or head over to this page:

"-being able to make groups of such order that can be named . For exemple the "vocal work", "bass work" , etc ... and recall them with one click"

I am going to be adding a Preset function in future releases. :)

"- Midi mappable"
I did not add this feature, as the functions can all be mapped directly in the Ableton project. I shall add this to the list of functionalities to add to the SA-F Pro series

"-Having the mappable always stick in the currently track order "

Another great feature enhancement, which I can build into future releases of the SA-F Pro Series.

Thank you Zengel.

Sonic Alchemyst

When do I use the Track Lister? Good question. :)

I work on a lot of projects, that have a lot of tracks.
I'll export the list of tracks before I start to mix to a database or spreadsheet. I then use the list to make notes on each track:

~ where I am in the mixing process on each track.
~ what processing I've done on the track / needs to be done. Audio that needs cleaning etc.
~ Ideas that my come up for tracks in a song as I'm listen in with the client. It's not always possible to make changes in that moment.

Keeps all the projects moving along smoothly, enabling me to know exactly where I am, and what still needs to be done.