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Devices by Rnd

Density Version 1.0
Note Repeat Version 1.0
Note Density Repeat Version 0.1
impulse probability muter Version 1.4
RndTranspose Version 0.9
2Lfos2Melo Version 0.9
poly6seqcontrol Version 1.0
poly6rndseq2012 Version 0.7
CCxx2CC0 Version 1.0
LXR2 FX Editor Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 13,248

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To be specific, it renders the Live Ui unresponsive. If i load old Songs using Strange Mod they are unpöayable. Could you please have a look?

It crashes Live 11.2 for me

I found the too and tried to install the missing imps, but whatever i did to install them didnt work. I wrote them an email but got no answer.

I then tried 1.7 and max console says:
Error 126 loading external imp.midiinfo
Error 126 loading external imp.midiout
newobj: !: No such object

i found this page about error 126 i dont understand it really but it seems there is a way to integrate the imps into the amxds.....

max console says:
Error 126 loading external imp.midiinfo
Error 126 loading external imp.midiout
midi_mme: error 7 opening midi input device MIDISPORT 4x4 Anniv
midi_mme: error 7 opening output device MIDISPORT 4x4 Anniv

I deactivated the port my synth is connected to in live's midi preferences,but get connection failure still.....

"You're trying to connect to an external hardware synth right? "
yes doesnt detect my midisport 4*4 but the fireface 1 and 2.
it also detects micro lite 1-5 wich is not present. win 10 live 9.6 max 7
i rebooted and restarted several times.

very good ! but i get connection failure should this be connected?

very good :-) great stuff

accent --> decay and volume plz

now i have the rnd button again bye

super device ....but sound goes away after a while with operater
the whole arrangement mutes

nice one but actually the gen patcher cant find ng.onepole~
any suggestions?

i was searching for this one!!!

worx great would be nice to have a fader for the speed of transition

i always missed density
in ableton midiFx
here it is