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Name/Version: poly6rndseq2012 0.7
Author: Rnd  
Description: do u remember the polysix arpeggiator? if u press n keys it will repeat this n notes with the possibility to change the note range one oktave 2oktaves or fullrange.
it was missing a rnd function.
this device can listen to a sequence and then play back the sequence but with interchangeable and randomizeable pitch velocity and length.
u also can use the ARP mode wich copys the behavior of the polysix i.e. n keys hold down will make a sequence that is n steps long.the plan was to have multiple instances wich could be fed from one keyboard.
There i got stucked because live crashed if 2 instances recieving the same notes...also it would be better to make a jitter table to manage pitch velo and time...I need ur help...please

sorry there is no manual and to find out how itz working ull need time

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Downloads: 833
Tags sequencer, beta
Live Version Used: 8.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Sep 20 2012 15:06:43
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: Poly6rndseq2012.amxd

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