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MiniBrute Control Version 2.0
Keyboard Control Version 2.3.5
DSP Oscilloscope Version 1.2
Waldorf Blofeld Editor Version 1.22
DSP Control Splitter Version 1.0
Sustain Pedal Kick Drum Version 2.0
DSP Automation Control Version 1.1
DSP RingMod Version 1.5.5
DSP Roland JP-08 Control Version 1.0.6
DSP Roland JU-06 Control Version 1.0.6
DSP Roland JX-03 Control Version 1.0.6
DSP TT606 Control Version 1.0
DSP TT78 Control Version 1.0
DSP WaveFolder Version 1.1
DSP Sequential Prophet 6 Patch Selector Version 1.6
DSP Audio Rate LFO Version 1.0
DSP Audio Rate LFO MIDI Version 1.0
DSP Quantized Gate Version 1.0
DSP Hz Ear Training Version 1.0
DSP Test Tone Version 1.2
DSP Audio Doubler Version 1.2
DSP Novation Peak Editor Version 2.2.0
DSP Rider Version 2.4.0

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The latest peak firmware changed some NRPN’s so this version of the editor has some overlapping controls now.
A new update will be out soon.

100% is 127 if that's the limit of the controller you assign it to. ;)

as stated above...

***UPDATE 2.2.4***
Added a default OFF state for the patch/bank selector to stop resetting synths to patch 001.

so, expand the patch and enable program changes.

Ekkord, thanks for the update. We've double checked it with a different JP-08 and made some more updates. It should be all fine now with version 1.0.2. It works fully with our 2 text units here. In the future, email for support info (@) and we'll get you up and running. cheers.

Hello there, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've spotted the problem and have fixed it. Please download the updated file again from the Sellfy site. Cheers.

Hey there, it's not a bug. The detune knob detunes the right channel from the left channel. If it moved both frequency dials at the same rate, no detuning would occur. It makes it a little more interesting than a standard single Ring Mod. Some people might not want left and right channels sounding too extreme, so you can control the stereo width of the effect with the Width Slider.

The comment boxes were used to show values. Had I kept the dials permanently activated the undo history of Ableton would be flooded with entries once the unit was put into Auto mode. So, comment boxes were used to by pass this, yet still providing information on what frequencies were effected. Hope that answers your concerns. Cheers.

Hello SanJoler,

I took some of your considerations into effect. I've added a default OFF state for the patch/bank selector to stop resetting synths to patch 001. Added a toggle for the foot control between MIDI CC 4 or 11 (foot control or foot expression), click on the panel name to toggle.

As for bringing back the Push Pitch Bend, the java scripting to control it was a cause of a number of problems with this patch. Otherwise, this patch just contains basic midi messages. The soon to be released Live 9.2 gives you the ability to switch Push's touch strip from a pitch bend to a mod wheel, thus eliminating the need for this function.

JohnRozz: this patch was originally made to provide feed back while using push or another midi keyboard to control external hardware. Velocity is tied into the modulation section, so you can assign input velocity to any parameter within ableton. ie, Input velocity can control the amount sent to an reverb effect.

Works fine in my project template. Try not to rely on beta versions and use the full version of live 9.1.6 instead.

According to your email to us, everything worked fine and you even thanked us in Spanish. Please reply back to the support email if you need assistance. We can't offer support on all the 3rd party sites this patch is listed on. Thanks.

I've added Midi and Key mapping as well as an initialise button for the whole device. you can also call what ever patch you want by typing in the number, you don't need to scroll with your mouse.

But in your case a faster way to change default program and bank numbers would be within your midi clips in Ableton. just have a number of empty midi clips set to program patches you use live.

Scroll down to the section called "Using Program Change Messages"

Good luck.

Read the manual for massive to enable program control changes.

No issues ever reported before with this plugin. It's standard midi cc messages. Check your connections & midi channels or consult with Ableton or Arturia about how to setup your synth. Good luck.

That's correct. it only has 16 banks. 128 programs x 16 banks = 2048 presets. more than enough for most hardware synths. But I could increase it if you'd like.