Comments by Loukas

Hi! Sorry about that it was more meant to be in a kind of "utility" track but I know updated it and audio will pass through now!
There is a video demonstration in the description.
I uploaded the overview/walkthrough video!
I also realised i needed to ask access for uploading zip files…. 
I’m on it!
Yes sorry i was just testing the platform. I will make a better readme file cause i added extra features since then. What it does is automatically load random audio loops from a folder of your choice. 8 tracks times 8 scenes = 64 audioloops maximum, sorted by keywords. (Vocals, Lead, Harmo(x2), bass, perc, drums, fx). Automatic pitch matching the tonality of your choice and dynamic pitch change for the clips already in session view. This is not AI nor audio analysis, it’s purely based on the filenames.