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Mix Matcher Version 1.0.1
VU Meter Version 1.0.1
Goniometer Version 1.0.0
Loudness Meter Version 1.0.0

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@Crampe I implemented the algorithm EXACTLY as described in the ITU-R 1770.4 and EBU 128 papers. It has been tested with the test files provided on the EBU website. Feel free to download those test files and check for yourself!

A floating window is a great idea! Ill see if I can implement this in the near future.

Thank you!

- Funkatronics

This looks AWESOME! Nice work

@tmoore, I fixed the majority of the undo history issues in version 1.0.1. However, in order to perform the audio routing in this device, live.object is used to set the audio inputs to the plugin~ object. So when the device is loaded, or the user selects a new audio source for the A or B input, the live.object updates the audio input and creates an "Undo Change" in the undo history representing this change.

Unfortunately, this is the default behavior of live.object and I cannot find a way to change this. If anyone has any ideas on how to get around this, please reach out to me!

If you need to undo though Mix Matcher's "Undo Change" you can, you just may need to reload the plugin or reset your input selection. I apologize for this inconvenience, and I will continue to look for a solution to this problem. The rest of the weird undo history messages have been fixed so hopefully this version works better for you.


I believe I have fixed the issue with the undo history getting borked. Try out version 1.0.1 and let me know how it works for ya.

Sorry again for the delay on this bug fix!


@bubbleandsquawk and bonkorama, sorry for the delay, I will look into this issue ASAP!

@broah, Yes that device is actually what inspired me to make Mix Matcher. I was so disappointed by that plugin that I just had to make my own =)

Multi Analyzer uses an incorrect FFT algorithm and (when I used it) it wouldn't let you analyze the audio of the track that the plugin was placed on. This really bugged me, so I made my own. In my testing, Mix Matcher also uses significantly less CPU, so that is another reason I prefer it.

It looks like Multi Analyzer has been updated since I used it, so maybe these issues were fixed.

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks @ekaku! Its always a pleasure to see my work being used. Good luck your productions!

@ascoltatore, that was not intentional, but yes my screenshot looks a lot like that album cover.

The Goniometer draws what are known as Lissajous curves:

You can make some really cool shapes and animations by applying different sine waves to the left and right channels. Maybe I'll make a a video synth in the future that works on this principal.

Thanks for downloading and for your comment!

Thanks broah!