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About DougHirlinger: Musician, Composer, Max Lover. Maker of PolyTuplet Step Sequencer and other devices.
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Devices by DougHirlinger

Feedback Loop Version 2.0
MIDI Note Filter Version 1.0
PolyTuplet Step Sequencer Version 1.2
PolyTuplet Delay Version 1.1
Gliss Bliss Version 1.0
MIDI Gliss Version 1.0
Automate Me in a Clip Version 1.0

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@Lester - I follow now. Thanks for the heads-up. I didn't understand what you meant before. Corrected.

I'm new to releasing devices and don't know much about licenses so I might be missing something - But, yep, I've worked on this device for 2 years getting it to do what it does. It creates subdivisions of beats not available with any device or plugin that I've seen. Namely, subdivisions other than the those divisible by 2 and 3. For those of us interested in such things it's a pretty amazing tool.