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Name | Version: Listor 1.1
Author: DougHirlinger
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Listor is a powerful tool for live performance and music creation in Ableton Live. Create 4 grouped but independent lists of pitch, velocity, duration, and chance to triggered either one note (grouping) at a time or in rhythm. List items can be triggered with an external midi device such as a drum pad or drum trigger, which was the original sole use of the device, or internal using midi notes placed into midi clips.

Listor is capable of hosting 6 independent voices, each with their own collection of lists, per device. In addition to these lists, list presets and changes in rhythmic subdivision values, called tuplets, can also be triggered.

Although automation is possible, using midi notes to trigger events allows in concert with the use of the no automation version of the device (2 versions are included) avoids clogging up the undo list.

Pitch lists can contain midi note names, such as A#3, or numbers like 58. Use single letters such as T to insert space into the pitch list. All other lists take numbers only.

Listor is a bit of a CPU guzzler, as are many M4L devices, so manage your buffer size, plugins, devices, and audio tracks as needed. Lower buffer sizes are recommend when triggering from external devices for rhythmic precision and accuracy.

v1.1: Update includes a list reset option which can be assigned via my "midi mapping" system as well as a bug fix involving Rhythm::Free mode.


Live Version Used: 11.0.12
Max Version Used: 8.5.2
Date Added: Feb 15 2023 20:20:36
Date Last Updated: Jul 07 2023 16:25:44
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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