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PianoRoll 128 Keys Floating Window Version 1.0
Realtime Waveform Display Floating Sound Design Version 1.0

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very cool!

hello, well i really just wanted something to help me understand the push layout, just got into the shapes and chord detection seemed like a nice idea.
I love max, but it is also a big black hole, so whenever i can copy and paste, i will do it. more time for music.

If the text is to small for you, you can edit it this way:
Open device in max
double click "p window"
unlock the patcher
click on text to be scaled
click on view, then on "open inspector window"
change font size :)
shift click to sellect more than 1 text box.

remember to lock and save :)

i am lazy so i will just copy/paste his maxpat, i do not now the rules in here, so if chord detection is needed. DIY :)

Hello, and you are welcome :) It has a note view below the keys, it displays the last pressed note, if that is what you mean? :)

And chord detector!! why did i not think of that! i am on it.

and pleas do explain what you mean by note view :)