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Implicit Arm Utility 1.0 by felice
56 downloads, 1 Comments utility, push
Toggle switch to enable/disable implicit arm on the currently selected track. The device allows the recording of automation only with controllers using the implicit arm track state (e.g. Push). W... (more info)

Many-Sample MIKADO 2019 V-3.1 3 by spiralune
452 downloads, 14 Comments drum, sampler, push
cool thank you "" jiangxitong"" thanks to you everything will stay free ------------------------------------------------- New v 3.1 repair Bug with Push and Add new 3 Bank Knob For use with ... (more info)

Fluctape 1.0 by meshgarden
8 Comments effect, other, push
Inspired by analog pedals, Fluctape creates tape-like random pitch fluctuations and chorus based on irregular intervals. You can also decide the min/max random event time and the pitch fluctuation ra... (more info)

Sequential Delay Deluxe 1.0 by stev
0 Comments sequencer, effect, glitch, other, push
This new device by Heaps of Bleeps is a deluxe version of the Sequential Delay, our first device. This audio effect allows you to sequence the delay of the audio of the left and right inputs with 2 in... (more info)

T3X2Render 1.0.2 by AMANTE
1 Comments video, effect, utility, other, dj, push
Render is a advanced visualizer audio. To rendering the devices of t3x2r serie. It allow external visible windows and preview, resolution y viewer of fps . For more data, click on INFO button. (more info)

Multimapper32MIDI 3.0 by mothergarage
4 Comments utility, push
An evolution of the built in macro functionality of Ableton Live. Four macro banks of 8 macros. You can map the macros to any MIDI mappable parameter in Live, even if it is not on the same track as t... (more info)

Many-Sample 2.2 MIKADO 2019 1.0 by spiralune
238 downloads, 2 Comments sampler, push
Update version Many-Sample 1.2 from Author: opticon93 Because Bug at restore samples select when patch so long to load or if put ... (more info)

Push-Scaleton 1.2 by Crampe
6 Comments utility, hardware, push
The Push-Scaleton maxforlive midi device is used to dynamically and automatically change the Scale layout on your Push. It means that you can use as many different scales in your set or even in a sin... (more info)

DSI PRO 2 Control 1.0 by techbuzz
144 downloads, 6 Comments utility, hardware, push
This is the control I created to store patches created on the PRO 2 in Live. Each time the device is loaded it sends a SYSEX message to the PRO 2 to U1 P1 with the name Ableton Patch. This is that sou... (more info)

Chord-O-Mat 3.0.6 by lqud
6 Comments sequencer, utility, push
Chord-O-Mat 3 is a Max for Live Chord Library and Trigger Device for Ableton Live 10 with Push integration. It’s designed to have quick access to the chords in a Scale, to explore Chords, make chord... (more info)

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