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TranPan 2.0 by WalrusFlower
0 Comments effect, utility, other
TranPan is a free max4live designed and built by Aval. It’s a random panner where the movement is triggered by transient, detectable thanks to a threshold slider. The amount of pan is user settabl... (more info)

REW EQ by Iftah 1.0 by iftah
87 downloads, 2 Comments utility, other
REW EQ lets you import filter settings from REW (.txt). the device creates an EQ image which you can use in order to quickly simulate your room EQ settings before you apply it to your hardware, or jus... (more info)

Routing MIDI to Max Audio Effect 1.0 by ArteFactor
32 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
The accompanying MIDI patch allowing you to send MIDI note messages to the Instant Sampler and Res Rand Multi BP Filter (more info)

Artefact 1.0 by TristanSutcliffe
65 downloads, 0 Comments effect, other
Artefact is an audio delay effect where each stereo channel has it's own independent settings. It can sync with Paradox to receive tempo or use Live's tempo. If using my other devices with Artefact, ... (more info)

Repitch 1.0 by stev
0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other
This free MIDI Max for Live device is basically just a MIDI transpose knob, similar to Ableton's "Pitch" MIDI effect. The twist is that when you change the pitch, rather than waiting till your next no... (more info)

Degradation 1.1.1 by TristanSutcliffe
99 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, effect, other
Degradation is a simple amplitude modulator that uses LFO waveforms that can sync to Live's transport, or Paradox. Syncing with Paradox causes the LFO to stretch and squish modulating its frequency, w... (more info)

PatchWorld OSC Bridge 1.0 by PatchXR
34 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware, push
PatchXR is proud to introduce OSC Bridge and a bundle of devices to empower new musical abilities by mixing the physical world with immersive/interactive digital realities. This device allows you to ... (more info)

Wavetable LFO 1.0 by plusol
0 Comments lfo, utility, other
Wavetable LFO lets you modulate any automatable parameter in Ableton using a wavetable. Simply load a wavetable from your collection into the oscilloscope and use the WT position to scroll through you... (more info)

SOUND PALETTE 3.8 by RogueLeada
107 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
Renamed to "SOUND PALETTE" formerly DIVISI ORCHESTRATOR, Control the whole Orchestra with one device. Designed to perform and to be used as a composition tool. The device is an orchestrator, it ca... (more info)

Instant Sampler 1.0 by ArteFactor
94 downloads, 0 Comments sampler, other
Instantly record and play multiple samples at different speed and direction. You can play and control 2 sound samples simultaneously and pan them however you like. Map MIDI controller's CC, On/ Off b... (more info)

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