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Simple device that uses your text input to drive a sequencer. Good for generating ideas for melodies...
156 downloads, 3 Comments
Ableton LFMW:
Low Frequency Multi Waveform ge...
FPB Clip to Score 0.5
FPB Clip To Score 0.5

Requires MAX 8, and Bach Package Externals, Made with Ableton Live 12 ...
Tonoisepulse Generator 1.5 - Bleep Bloop Synth1.5
great for experimental, or even pulsey rhythmic bassy stuff. this started small - as a noise/tone ge...
167 downloads, 0 Comments
Weirderizer One Mangler Effect1.0
this is a mangler. a multi type effect. an unfinished wip (tht will probably never be finished). but...
157 downloads, 1 Comments
Transport Chaos - Random Tempo Jumper1.0
this will randomly change the tempo. you can set a glide/smooth and set the speed at which it modula...
93 downloads, 0 Comments
Transport Chaos - Time Position Random Jumper1.0
this device will randomly jump the transport time position in a project, which can create some reall...
91 downloads, 0 Comments
Transport Chaos - Random Play Pause Transport1.0
this device randomly plays/pauses the playhead. great for experimental and generative forms of music...
70 downloads, 0 Comments
Step Sequence Parameter Mapper1.0
this is a remix of some other device i found here years ago, i wanted several sequencer lanes. hit t...
116 downloads, 2 Comments
SlipnSlider - Random Parameter Fader1.0
this is a weird one, you can map up to 8 parameters and this device will auto fade up down the param...
85 downloads, 0 Comments

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