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zb.moduloRecursion 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
443 downloads, 0 Comments effect
Two basic recursive algorithms are zb.moduloRecursion and zb.logistic They both alter the pitch of incoming notes. The zb.logistic device implements the logistic equation that has a single coefficient... (more info)

zb.cellular 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
738 downloads, 2 Comments sequencer, other
zb.cellular is a fairly complex and flexible implementation of cellular automation for both vertical (chord) and horizontal (sequence) arrangement of notes. These can be switched between with the mode... (more info)

zb.transposer 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
553 downloads, 1 Comments effect
zb.transposer has seven variable transposition slots shown below the graph. The height of a bar represents the likelihood of that specific interval being chosen. Each interval can be adjusted with the... (more info)

zb.randRepeat 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
1305 downloads, 1 Comments effect, glitch
zb.randRepeat is a note repeating device. The chance parameter controls the likelihood of a repetition to occur. The velocity of the repeated note will be scaled according to the velocityRatio. The... (more info)

zb.randDelay 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
603 downloads, 1 Comments effect
zb.randDelay is a note delaying device that allows for drawing the distribution of the randomly chosen delay times. The horizontal and vertical axes of the graph represent the time and the likelihood... (more info)

zb.impulseProb 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
474 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, effect
zb.impulseProb is a probabilistic pad chooser for the Ableton built-in impulse sampling instrument. For each incoming note it outputs one note with altered pitch, durations are preserved. Each bar in... (more info)

zb.diceNote 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
584 downloads, 1 Comments effect
zb.diceNote is another probabilistic MIDI note pitch transformer that moves between brown and white noise distributions. Specifically it is based around the Voss algorithm for pink noise. However the ... (more info)

zb.brownVel 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
392 downloads, 1 Comments effect
zb.brownVel alters the dynamics of the MIDI notes, parameters are identical to the zb.brownNote discussed previously. Yellow horizontal line is used to display the assigned velocity. Large range and s... (more info)

zb.randomNote 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
540 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, effect
zb.randomNote is very similar to zb.brownNote, only it exhibits uniform distribution and has an extra multiplier parameter. The round parameter rounds the note numbers The mul parameter is used on th... (more info)

zb.brownNote 1.0 by ZlatkoBaracskai
512 downloads, 1 Comments sequencer, effect, other
zb.brownNote device picks the next note based on a randomly chosen step constrained by the maximum step size parameter called step. The chosen step is taken from the previously selected pitch such tha... (more info)

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