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Clickometre 2.2 by veedjee
328 downloads, 4 Comments utility, hardware, dj
Here is a small utility for all Skratch Nerdzz to show the number and speed of clicks for the Native Instrument Traktor Z2, Vestax PMC 05 PRO IV and Rane 57, 61 and 62 mixers. Click in the center of ... (more info)

Delete and Duplicate Clip Utility 1.1 by veedjee
621 downloads, 2 Comments utility
Very basic utility to delete and duplicate clips. If you use it, rate it, Thanks !! Check my others Device : (more info)

Minotaur 1.01 by veedjee
8135 downloads, 15 Comments synth
Minotaur is a basic synth device inspired for the fun by the last moog synth ! specs: - 2 oscillators saw/square with pwm - 1 lfo with sync to modulate filter, amp and pwm - 1 filter's with settings... (more info)

Arpege 2.0.1 by veedjee
16 Comments sequencer, effect
Arp├Ęge is an highly configurable polyphonic arpeggiator. It can be use different way for multiple usage like serial music, counterpoint, classic arp, step sequencer... Try it and tweak it ! FunkArp-... (more info)

Octoseq. Modulator 1.1 by veedjee
11154 downloads, 8 Comments lfo, sequencer
Octoseq. Modulator is a simple but useful device who consist of 8 independent step sequencers to control any parameter you want in Live. For each seq you can set: - steps up to 64 - pulse, quantifie... (more info)

Cross Synthesis 1.0.2 by veedjee
8 Comments synth, effect, dj
This device is a powerfull advanced phase vocoder with FX modules. It require the following Ircam's external objects: supervp.trans~ supervp.cross~ Choose between three different mode... (more info)

Sharngadeva Receiver 1.0 by veedjee
520 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Sharngadeva's Receiver is the companion of the Sharngadeva's Sequencer downloadable here: It's a simple communication tool to receive the midi dat... (more info)

Sharngadeva Sequencer 2.0 by veedjee
2321 downloads, 6 Comments sequencer, utility
UPDATE 11.10.2011 NEW V2.0 !! Sharngadeva's Sequencer consist of 7 seven independents steps sequencers assignable to 7 note and velocity scalers. Download the Receiver here: (more info)

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