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Name | Version: Octoseq. Modulator 1.1
Author: veedjee
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Octoseq. Modulator is a simple but useful device who consist of 8 independent step sequencers to control any parameter you want in Live.

For each seq you can set:

- steps up to 64
- pulse, quantified or not
- 5 direction modes
- loop up to 64 steps
- maximum and minimum values reached by the modulator
- smooth between step values
- move, random and scramble values possibility
- presets section with morphing
- sync seq. with Live's transport

- Presets saved before closing the set are now correctly recalled

- Add sync and re-trigger toggle for each seq.
- Seq display buttons to change the view are now midi mappable.

;;; Update 20/1/12

- New loop ruler for each seq.
- New "sort", "reverse" and "init" buttons.
- Parameter's name fits now correctly in the device.
- Arrow buttons are now MIDI mappable
- On/Off toggle now enable/disable remote target.
- On/Off toggle now rettrig the seq when "R" is on.
- Change layout.


To save all device settings with your Live set, you must save them by shift-clicking on a circle in the preset's grid BEFORE you close the set !!

Know issue:

At the opening of a set, the last saved preset does not boot automatically and you will have to recall it by clicking on his circles in the preset's grid. However, you can automate this step by programming presets with Live's envelope automation.

hope you'll like it !!

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Live Version Used: 8.2.7
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Dec 03 2011 05:23:47
Date Last Updated: Jan 20 2012 06:05:00
Downloads: 14204
License: Attribution
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Device File: Octoseq. Modulator_v1.1.amxd


Hi i love this device but presets are not working and when i save a liveset if i reopen all the settings saved are gone.
Please can you help fixing this?
Update is coming very soon... ;)

Thanks for this great device!!!
Really usefull and well done...
I would like to take midi or OSC control over the sliders of the multislider could you tell me where I could do it in the patch...
I could do it with independant Multislider but I would like to have control only on the one wich is used to control the 8 others....

If you could lead me in the good direction?


Hi AcousmatiK, thank you for your comment ;) I do not understand what you mean, please contact me -> veedjee at gmail dot com.

Very cool, I'm using this one!

Thanks for this device :)
I use this all the time, great device. Much thanks!
Thanks for comments !! ;-)
The "Restart on Next step" buttons need their Parameter Visibility changed, they fill up the Undo buffer?
Hey. This is a great device. Only issue is i can't see how to remove mapping for a parameter. Was expecting to see an 'x' next to the map button or something. Am I missing something?
Hi, is it possible to use this as midi device?

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