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Volume Buddy 1.0 by Technoir
16 Comments utility
Volume Buddy is a one of a kind LUFS auto gain plugin that will change the way you mix and create music. Demo Video: FEATURES: - Th... (more info)

Swiss Army Meter 5.1 by Technoir
6 Comments utility
Swiss Army Meter is an all-in-one metering device for use in Ableton Live. Features - Displays Short Term, Integrated LUFS, Momentary Max LUFS, LRA, True Peak, RMS and... (more info)

Volume Compensator 3.2 by LAEX
43 Comments effect, utility, hardware
This patch compensates volume after passing some plugins. Consist of two devices Compensator send (CS) and Compensator recive (CR). CS measures RMS and CR adjusts output level to same RMS. Put some p... (more info)

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