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Name/Version: DJ Effects 04 - SP404 DJFX clone 1.0
Author: nelgabriel  
Description: This is a true SP404 DJFX clone in the sense that the functionalities are identical in it's "original" mode

You can select between "Original" and "Extended" mode
The original sets the maximum slice value at 230ms just like the SP404, whereas the extended mode extends this value to 500ms

I've added a filter that you can turn off and on with the red dot next to its controls (upper left corner of the device)

The square buttons activate the effect

The lower square is identical to the "on off" value, it'll turn on the slice looper effect and allow you to change the slice speed with the knob as well as the pitch with the pitch knob above.

If you want to use the pitch feature by itself, you have to press the upper square (this is the one difference with the SP404 where the pitch can be controlled directly if the effect is turned on.

the pitch range is identical to the SP at +100% to -100% (reverse)


This device is free, however, I am working (about 95% there) on a more advanced device that has extended features

- Longer slice times
- Sync'd slice times
- Additional Hi-Pass filter
- Additional controls for how the device behaves allowing for crazier effects

This more advanced device will be posted at a later date, according to the response to this one. It won't be free but it will be affordable.

Please let me know in the comments if you're interested

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Max Version Used: 8.5.7
Date Added: Jan 31 2024 06:46:50
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Device File: DJ Effects 04 base.amxd


Fun device. Is there an advanced version soon?

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