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Name | Version: Clip Transform Pack 1.0
Author: BROSCA
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Five game-changing devices for live 11, live 12 soon.

Improve your workflow! Take a new look at creating chops, drums and percussion, sampling and re-arranging your loops, save a lot of time, generate ideas and change your tracks on the fly in one click.


Short description:

- Clip Shifter - Randomly shifts the start marker of each audio clip on the track.
- Clip Stager - Randomizes the volume of each audio clip on a track.
- Clip Tuner - Randomizes the pitch of each audio clip on a track by semitones.
- Clip Tuner Jr. - Randomizes the pitch of each audio clip on a track by cents.
- Clip Drifter - Randomizes the tempo of each audio clip on a track, stretching the audio within the clips using the Re-pitch algorithm.

Pack contains:

- 5 Max devices (.amxd) files.
- Guide images (.png) files.

Available now at:


Live Version Used: 11.3.4
Max Version Used: 12.0
Date Added: Dec 23 2023 13:00:30
Date Last Updated: Feb 25 2024 12:35:46
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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That's a really tight, well-synced video promo! Got me curious to learn more. How did you do the video editing for it?
I don't understand how to buy this.

I used Adobe after effects. I actually have pretty bad video editing skills. I found a free plugin that places markers according to the bpm of the audio track (it does not work entirely accurately, but these are limitations of AE), then I simply edited it based on the markers.

Updated the link so it's now available on Gumroad :) Cheers!

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