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Name | Version: irage 1.0
Author: nnirror
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: _irage is a Max for Live audio effect device that exposes 50 delay lines on both stereo channels connected in an infinite ring.

It can produce stereo reverb, comb delays, flanges, multitap or discrete echoes, infinite feedback, partial or tuned overtones, resonations, distortions, noise washes, and chaotic sound modulations in different configurations.

The controls for shifting, drifting, diffusing, and converging the delay lines allow you to automatically change the matrix of delays in real time and move through impossible spaces at impossible speeds, with delay lines updatable up to every 1 ms.

26-line and 12-line versions are also included for computers with less CPU resources.

For a more detailed walkthrough, please see this documentation video:


Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8.5.5
Date Added: Dec 18 2023 23:38:10
Date Last Updated: Dec 18 2023 23:38:26
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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very cool device. works flawlessly also on Ableton 10.1.43

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