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Name | Version: FREE LFO For Push 1.0
Author: ElisabethHomeland
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Hey,
I just released a FREE Device for Push 3 standalone! (Works great with push 1-2 too)

Get it from here :

Here's a short demonstration video about it:

Use Ableton Live's LFO MaxforLive device from push standalone on the fly! (also works great with push 1-2 too!)
LFO is a built-in Ableton Live device that lets you modulate up to 8 selectable parameters.
Unfortunately you can’t access the mapping capabilities from push with the default version. ( Which makes it basically impossible to use the device from push if you don’t set it up previously from your computer. )
That’s why I created this modified version, where you:
· Get a visual representation of the LFO signal, and the mapped parameter’s name on the Push display.
· You can select the destination of the LFO By turning the MAP dial, then selecting the desired parameter.
· Change the Min and Max values of the LFO signal.
· Un-map / Un-assign the mapping.
Also a Few days ago I released Varispeed 3.0 that also works great with the standalone Push 3! :)
Varispeed is a MaxForLive device that allows you to use Ableton Live like an analog tape recorder.
It enables you to transpose your entire song (audio and MIDI clips) in both Session and Arrangement View by up to -24 / +24 semitones while accurately changing the tempo.
Additionally, Varispeed can transpose Simpler devices in Slicing mode, MIDI information after leaving clips (such as sequencer and chord generator outputs or individual Drum Rack cells),
and some built-in Live effects' pitch parameters (e.g., Shifter, Spectral Resonator, Corpus and some more).
This gives you the ability to record parts in different speed and pitch or explore your song in different keys.

Of course it's a free update so if you already bought the device you can download the new version from your Gumroad Library! :)

Get it from here :

Here's a tutorial video where I show you some of it's features:

And here's a short video where I show you how it looks on P3 standalone:

Have a great weekend!


Live Version Used: 11.
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jun 09 2023 13:10:57
Date Last Updated: Jun 09 2023 13:11:25
Downloads: 0
License: None
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Game, meet changer!

I've been wanting to get more hands on with Push, turning to the computer/mouse much less often. One of the things I had been wishing for was a way to assign LFOs without having to use the mouse!

Using it so far has been pretty great!

Thank you!
I'm glad you're having fun with it : )
Great device! Just wondering, could you add the "Remote" and "Mod" modes, the new modulation mode from Ableton 12 LFO ?
Hey Tabula,

Yes I plan to create a new version soon that has the Live 12 features! : )

Cheers, Nándor
Great ! thanks ! :)

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