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Name | Version: Collab Multi Effects 1.3
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: 6 effects - an overdrive, a tremolo, a filter, a crazy chorus, a basic delay, and a gen~verb (audio runs through them in that order). with randomizers to boot! (the little white circles below the name of each module). and also a global randomize to get just plain crazy.

the chorus, delay and reverb were gleaned from the collab drum kit series:
the overdrive is from the building w max for live series.
the tremolo i created using guts from the drawlfo device:
the filter was pulled from the draw morph 1.0 device:

in keeping the ui minimal, i didn't really comment/label anything but rely on the hinting system so just mouse over things to find out more. the reverb and delay are quite straighforward. the chorus, those dials control various randomizers to a tap-delay system so things can get very weird and wild at high settings. when bored in doubt, hit the random buttons. save a preset (shift clicks saves/overwrites preset slots. alt+shift click removes/empties a preset slot)

chorus - from onokio's rimshot module
delay - from leslie garcía's hihat (w mods by offthesky)
reverb - from nouserid's pinball sequencer (collab 2)
filter - from opticon93's draw morph
tremolo - my own mod of delicateear's drawlfo

v1.3 -
added the filter, overdrive, and tremolo effects at the beginning of the chain. added more preset slots and global random. switched out the tap out in the delay with an m4l abstraction to provide less clicky delay sound.


Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: May 26 2023 23:20:03
Date Last Updated: Jun 02 2023 05:16:52
Downloads: 500
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Collab - FX (audio).amxd


Dope. Love the rando functions and having all 3 fx in one device. Thank you!!!
thank you @freedyfingaz! think im going to add some more effects into this thing soon. possibilities include: filter, flanger, a nasty ringmod ive been toying w.. we'll see how far i get

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