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Name/Version: Little Glitcher 1.0
Author: opticon93  
Description: Hi Folks,

This is a Liveified and weaponized implementation of the Little Glitch Machine by Maurizio Giri seen here:

(Skip to 5:53 to hear the finished device)

The device is a complete mystery to describe, however it appears to mainly be a Phase Modified Synth (with a little bit of FM). Consequently, I went ahead and included a picture of the guts within the device so that you can draw your own conclusions. The output is from a single sine wave whose Phase is being modified by an intricate collection of Sine, Rectangle and Triangle waves.

While watching the video, I kept wondering "Why did he choose those specific numbers?" Since there is no explanation, I made each of the numbers adjustable with a knob.

On the very left of the device, The Rate, PW and Freq knobs control the frequency of the output sine oscillator. When the rectangle wave is high, you are hearing the sine wave at the midi input frequency. When the rectangle is low, you are hearing the sine wave at the frequency set by the Freq knob. The Rate knob partially controls how fast the rectangle goes between high and low, while the PW knob determines how much time it spends high versus low within a single cycle.

All of the rest of the knobs control the Phase Modifier, which is itself a phase modified sine wave. The frequency of this sine wave is controlled by the rectangle wave and Multiplier in the second column.

The Phase of this sine wave is controlled by the strange combination of triangle and rectangle waves in the remaining columns. The second Multiplier controls the frequency of a triangle wave that is controlling the phase of the Phase Modifier oscillator. The frequency of this triangle wave is also being modified by the rectangle waves in the remaining columns. Uhmmm, yeah.

I believe the very last column controls the skitter that sometimes gets interjected.

For good measure, I decided to include a Randomize button.



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Max Version Used: 8.5.2
Date Added: Feb 02 2023 18:45:17
Date Last Updated: Feb 03 2023 14:09:33
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Device File: Little Glitcher.amxd


nice one! like the sounds this makes thanks!

brilliant fun little noise maker! thank you :)

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

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