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Name | Version: DJBB Loopmaker - Quickly find and Export loops 1.0
Author: djbajablast
Device Type: Instrument
Description: A Free Max for Live utility to help with de-clicking, looping, and one-click exporting to an output folder.

Demo here:

-- WHY --

In Ableton, I couldn't find a non-annoying way to... chop a perfect loop, apply small fades to de-click, optionally adjust playback speed, and then one-click export to an output folder. There were always resampling steps, and my filenames would get lost in the process, which means a lot of -retyping (I store BPM / Key info in the names).


With this device, my workflow looks like this:

1. Drag in folder of samples to process.
2. Set output folder.
3. Find fun loops in samples, clicking the record button to capture.
4. Click "Export" whenever you hear something fun in the output buffer.
5. Check out your output folder to find your new perfectly looped goodies.


- Variable speed playback - easily slow down / speed up looped selection
- One click loop export. No file overwriting (so click away).
- Fade time can be applied to reduce clicking
- Keyboard shortcuts to navigate (click (?) icon in top left of device)
- Ability to normalize input and output samples.

- WAV files only for now
- Can't drag folders directly from Ableton - must be from finder / explorer
- ??? probably others.. lemme know

Lots of free samples n' biz at


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 14 2022 00:55:14
Date Last Updated: Nov 14 2022 00:57:40
Downloads: 0
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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export creates a single text file "EMPTY" in the designated output folder
Is it possible to make it capable to send loop as audio clip back to Live by drag and drop?

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