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Name | Version: Muse Concrete Tool a Sampler Loop Sketchpad 1.2
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Instrument
Description: v1.2 ~ added probability option to both incoming midi notes as well as the auto note generator. added a 'midi note plays sample offset' feature(experimental). added a better reverb in the master fx section*. bunch of little fixes and improvements. this vid shows a demonstration of the new features:

v1.1 ~ added generic step sequencer, added mstr output fx (freeverb>limiter), added mstr audio out to lane recording, added ability to send lanes' audio to separate tracks in ableton (full stereo=1/2, laneA=3/4, laneB=5,6 etc), fixed window close/open bug

v1.0 ~
i needed a tool that would help me quickly sketch with and build basic experimental or ambient songs out of all these vinyl, tape, radio, and field recording samples i've captured over the years. and also allow me to make rhythms and or crazy textures if needed. through the process of making and exploring with this tool, i realized it can do a whole lot more. and is even useful for live performances. especially when you play midi notes into it. it can then be useful for just about any genre. you can build pads, make beats, etc. i didn't initially think to share it but a friend mentioned other's might find it useful too... hope it provides the community some inspirations!

basic use instructions (see the screenshot image): you can drag+drop or even record audio into each of the 4 samplers. then click+drag on a samples' waveform to make a loop section. you can play midi notes (polyphony) into this or let the auto note generators (turned on by default so you can immediately hear the samples) make off grid sequences for you. if you record into the lanes - DONT FORGET TO SAVE THEN DRAG THE FILE FROM THE BROWSER BACK INTO THE LANE so that when you reload the ableton project, everything will be as you left it.

here's a demo video showing most of the basic functions. in the description there you can also download some demo projects i threw together while making the video that use this tool so you can observe some different ways to make use of it:

let me know of any bugs you run across, im sure there are plenty. also the keyboard zone filter section is a bit odd.. the bottom note always starts at c3(you can further offset that with the root shift numbox). i might change it to behave like a more traditional keyboard zone/note filtering system. also want to add multiple outputs so you can route each lane into a separate track for further process in live. and of course some kinds of internal sequencers.

shout out to the following devs of these amazing m4l patches that i utilized to make the muse concrete tool tick:

more simpler frz 2.0 by user frz::

lfodraw 1.0 by user delicateear::

quick record 1.0 by user natecraypo

floating window code by cycling 74 max msp forum user PID

lovely reverb in master fx section by remo de vico:

also the core paradigm of this tool was inspired by the quad chaos m4l instrument by pheek and Armando Gonzalez Sosto (although no code or subpatches from quad chaos were used):

there's also a standalone app of this:
win -
osx - - a video showing the windows standalone - video taking the OSX standalone for a spin


Live Version Used: 11.2
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 04 2022 21:54:48
Date Last Updated: May 17 2023 18:12:26
Downloads: 812
License: None
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Device File: MuseConcreteTool1.2.amxd


wow!. that looks awesome! thx
looks fresh/useful - thanks for sharing!!!

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