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Name | Version: Varispeed for Ableton Live 1.2
Author: ElisabethHomeland
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Varispeed is a MaxforLive device that lets you use Ableton Live like an analog tape machine.

You can transpose the whole song (audio clips and midi tracks) in both directions while accurately changing the tempo too.

By that you gain the ability to record parts in other speed and pitch like back in the days.

It is also good for practicing purposes, or to check out ideas in other keys.

Youtube :

- Transpose up or down up to 24 semitones in both directions

- The TEMPO button lets you enable or disable the tempo changes the device creates.

- Works in both Session, and arrangement mode.

- If a MIDI tracks first FX is a PITCH device Varispeed gonna include it in the transposing.
( If you don’t want to transpose a drum rack for instance you simply don’t put a PITCH device in the first slot, or you can rename it to something else.)

- By default every audio clip gets transposed. but you can exclude any track you like by adding a key word or symbol to its name ( the default symbol is @ )
- you can choose what word or symbol Varispeed should look out for.

- You can key / MIDI map any parameter for easy access.

- Push mapping also included.

WARNING: For Live 10 there's a separate Device pair ( Varispeed for live 10, and Varishift)
Due to Live 10's API Limitations the original Varispeed don't works properly in Arrangement view.
You can use the normal Varispeed if you only want to use it in Session view, or only with midi tracks.

If you use the Live 10 compatible version you need to put Varishift in every audio track's first FX slot, like the midi tracks with the Pitch device.
This is sadly not as elegant as the default Live 11 version, but for now thats the only possible workaround.

---- Changelog----

Vaispeed for Live1.2 - 2022.08.17
- Added knob version
-Some internal cleanup

Varispeed for Live 1.1 + Compatibility version for Live 10 - 2022.07.30

- Added new device pair for Live 10 support.

Varispeed for Live 1.1 - 2022.07.16

- Fixed a bug that caused mixed behavior in larger projects.
- Some UI Elements were shifted in Windows.
- The Tempo button is now Initially enabled.


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Aug 17 2022 12:34:24
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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a brilliant device just got even more fabulous!
This looks insane!

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