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Name/Version: 0V0V - DC Offset Remover and Noise Floor Measurer 1.0
Author: d4vid  
Description: Monitors input signal when no audio and CV data is sent to the interface yet, so the device can measure the DC and noise which can be then cancelled.

It works by smoothing the input signal with a slide~ to average / slew limit the noise out giving us the actual DC offset. This offset can then be subtracted from the input signal which is then passed on to the output. True noise floor can then be monitored on the output signal.

Useful for DC-coupled ADAT A/D converters for Eurorack Modular, like the Expert Sleepers ES-6 and ES-7 which has a varying DC offset on all of its input channels and a relatively high noise floor. Since the DC offset is not removed with a high-pass filter, it allows for recording or mixing constant voltages, like pitch CV or slow LFOs.

Ableton Live's Utility Audio Effect has a DC button, which removes DC offset from audio signals but deletes and scrambles your CV data. This device will allow you to record and play back CV & Audio data utilizing the full amplitude range and prevents post-adjustments when playing back recorded CV and audio.

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Live Version Used: 11.1.1
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Apr 17 2022 12:57:11
Date Last Updated: Apr 17 2022 13:47:53
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Device File: DC Offset remover.amxd


That's really cool.
Could something like this be formulated for guitar pedals? I do have conditioned power and consolidated ground, but they still are noisy.
How about synths that are bus-powered via usb? I have a splitter for signal and power, but still.
Or are these examples of where I should just use a gate?

This works for anything, but it only removes DC offset, it doesn't do anything with the noise. It only accounts for the noise when determining the DC offset to counterbalance, in this way, the noise itself is not offset and centered around the zero point.

great device! thanks for sharing

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