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Name/Version: Monotale Starship Drums V.1 1.0
Author: Monotale  
Description: Welcome to Starship Drums V.1 7 drums channels, 4 different kick engines, 4 Snare engines, 3 Low Tom engines, 3 Mid Tom Engines, 3 Close hi that Engines, 3 Open HiHat Engines and 3 different percussion engines, Cowbel, Claps and Sample Bongo. Step sequencer up to 64 steps. RECORD MOTION function of the rotary parameters. Individual Reverb effect for each channel, global Compression and global Limiter. Mixer desk on top of the device with Volume control, Pan, and send effects. Midi In, you can play it with your midi controller. Midi Out, you can control another devices with the sequencer, plus you can record the sequence on a Midi clip on Ableton. The same for Sequence the patterns you save from aa midi clip. The product comes with a short and quickly manual. Monotale Starship Drums V.1 is a continuously evolving product with several updates to coming, some of them will be add more effects, a sequencer for the effects, a step repeat function, Random and Scramble features. A better implement of the probability feature. And more synth engines for drums, such as additive synthesis and some other exiting experimental technics. All the updates will be free for owners of Monotale Starship Drums. V.1 Buy
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Visit Stay tuned with the info of the news on or suscribe to this you tube channel to updated. Thanks! MonoTale.

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Tags synth, drum, sequencer
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Mar 21 2022 18:54:59
Date Last Updated: Mar 21 2022 19:17:12
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): Commercial


youtube video is set to private. also $99?

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