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Name | Version: zb.fade 1.0
Author: ZlatkoBaracskai
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: zb.fade is a one-click fade-in/fade-out audio effect. It is particularly useful for live performance purposes, especially when trying to save MIDI controller continuous controllers (such as faders) for other tasks.
The fadein parameter sets the duration of the fade-in in milliseconds.
The fadeout parameter sets the duration of the fade-out in milliseconds.
The on/off tab triggers the fade-in (when set to on) and fade-out (when set to off).


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.8
Date Added: Aug 01 2011 10:07:00
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 1046
License: None
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Device File: zb.fade.amxd


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