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Name | Version: LiveWorkflowTools - Clip Gain 1.01
Author: LiveWorkflowTools
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Control the gain of individual clips in your Live Set via Keycommands!

You can assign individual keys for increase and decrease of clip gain and assign the step size (in dB) that gets changed per key press.

Simply add the device to your session, assign the keycommands (ctrl +k) or midi (ctrl + m) to the "Increase" and "Decrease" buttons and start using the device.

(Requires Ableton 11.0+)


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Nov 30 2021 21:35:49
Date Last Updated: May 19 2024 13:37:26
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Wow really useful, thank you!!
can you add key change too? and perhaps a way to change warp mode that way we dont have to waste time changing clip views.
All these features are found in this version:
Btw LWT, it'd be fairplay to at least use a device's name different to my own ClipGain device...
That's very misleading and I got complains about this.

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