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Name | Version: AutoSave 1.5
Author: brodiem
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: A simple device to save your work in set intervals, super handy using unstable plugs or heavy work loads.

Personally i'v lost vst settings which is super frustrating i mostly made this for me but i thought it might be useful.I just put it on my template, combined with Ableton's backup is ultimate.

Toggle the float window with the button below AutoSave.

EDIT - Fixed a bug regarding active window.

EDIT - Updated to Live 11.


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: May 24 2021 09:43:31
Date Last Updated: Feb 13 2022 15:50:42
Downloads: 0
License: Commercial
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If you have issues please mail me directly( im continually offering support for all my devices.
The Version 1.4.5 is working on Live 11.0.1 on Win10.

Next Update: Please implement a clean Autosave without the "Save as" Dialogue Window. :)

Thnx for making (my) Live a little bit better ;)

Kind Regards,
@TomTubby Heyy thanks for your comment, just updated to Live 11.

The Save As dialog is unavoidable if the project hasnt previously been saved.
I could generate a random set of charaters and make this very quick but it would be horrible for oragnisational purposes.

If this interest you then i could look deeper, mabye just random word combinations?
Is there a way to buy this with Paypal? Thanks
Hey there, just bought your plugin, but it is not compatible with mac m1 chip. could you please see if you can make it run on it or issue a refund?

Thank you
Same. I also have an m1 Mac.

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