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Name | Version: Groove Mapper 1.0
Author: MatanZohar
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Lets you map controllers to groove parameters. Automating the values doesn't work unfortunately, but works great for mapping MIDI controllers

For Live 11+


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Apr 25 2021 07:18:40
Date Last Updated: Apr 25 2021 07:38:36
Downloads: 0
License: None
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very useful ty! seems in theory one could 'automate' this use a midiloop back (like loopbe1 on windows) to send midi cc from a clip out and back into ableton remote controlling this. need to investigate more...
It doesn't seem to load grooves. Can you please fix this?
I just got the device. I can map the five drop down menu parameters, but not the Groove Name itself. I was hoping for an option where I could assign the groove choice to a knob and switch between them quickly. But it looks like that is not possible...
Has anyone tried this device in Live 12 beta yet? Wondering if it is still usable, or if it will still be useful since Live 12 has all sorts of updates to the Live MIDI/Clips section.

I'm just going to admit that I have not used the Groove Pool since installing Live 12 beta.

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