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Name/Version: CLOCK 1.42
Author: nukeswitchbox  
Description: This is a Midiclock Substitute for Ableton with external Devices.
No need to use Ableton's Clock anymore. Just disable SYNC in Abletons Preferences.
Load this in companion with an "external Instrument" and Clock gives you Latency-Compensation (no more Clock shifting when adding Plugins even UAD's) , synced Divisions, Retrigger and synced Offsets and Start/Stop or even Shuffle, including Automations.
Sadly Windows needs Virtual Ports due Port Access Restrictions, but it works. On Mac's it's simply running. There's a Demo also to test before buy (runs for 64 Bar then quit).

Happy Clocking!


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Tags synth, drum, sampler, sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware, m4lhackevent
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 21 2020 05:33:08
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Love it, bought it on gumroad. It is great to have different clock divisions for different machines !
Still having some sync issues with the TR-8S.
When synced with Ableton clock it is very tight, when synced with your is strangely early, not too much but enough to have to move the audio once recorded.
Any chance to have an upgrade with a sync delay option ?

Hi there, did you write me already on my mail address?

I have to build some more complicated stuff to have a shift in both directions. But it's in the pipe already.
One thing you must know is: Do not record from Audio Ins ( EXT In) ...there will be no link between LatencyDelay and Midiclock. You have to record from the Instrumentchannel itself.
So Setup should be Miditrack>CLOCK>External Instrument with same Midiport like CLOCK...also try DriverErrorCompensation for finetunings. I noticed a difference when using different Buffersizes swell, this will be addressed later. I run Ableton with 64 Buffersize and sometimes +1ms DriverErrorComp will do the trick.
Cheers, Nik

I don't have your email. Where can I find it?
I am not recording from the ext Instrument, but from the Instrument channel itself.
Maybe I just don't understand the logic of something I do wrong, but I cannot manage to have the drum machine in sync, no matter.. I have looked at your YouTube examples too...

Hi. Can I ask for your email too. I bought Clock but can't get it to work at all and have some questions.

Hi. We seriously need some contact from you.

I downloaded CLOCK demo and it's not working like nothing is happening at all. Manual is well written (I like that), but it simply does not work in Live 11, RME (128 buffer) and my TR8S.

Yes I ensured that ports are setup correctly in clock and External Instrument, I switched SYNC to OFF in Ableton. My TR8S simply does not start as if there is no SYNC message at all. Trust me, I have MIDI patchbays, I know my MIDI stuff. Beside that my TR8S works fine when it's synced to the Ableton internal SYNC.

I see one user above me says his TR8S works fine with your product, but he's using full version so I think perhaps something is wrong with the DEMO version or something?

I tried your demo to find out is your product answer to my issues with UAD plugins. So far it seems that your plugin is exactly what I am looking for.

But before I purchase something which may or may not be for me I like to try it out. However this is not working at all.

You have some nice products and nice Max skills. Please consider some sort of contact email address so we potential users can discuss things with you.


Btw your CLOCK demo does not save my MIDI port selection.

Every time I load it, I press RESET and list of my MIDI ports appear. I select appropriate MIDI port. Save Live session.

Close Live 11. Open it. Reopen session. My MIDI ports are not listed in the CLOCK anymore. Instead I see ports from your computer (Netzwerk Nord Editor, IAC-Treiber Bus 1,2,3 etc.).

Then I need to reassign ports.

Can full version save my ports selection insdie CLOCK or I need to reassign them each time I reopen session?

Hi ! This object looks great! I am looking for a workflow that allows me to synchronize Ableton with my drum machine while keeping the play of Ableton and that of my drum machine independent. Is that one of the available functions ? I also have a question regarding the number of steps.
Is it limited to 16? Does this mean that it is only possible to play patterns of up to 16 steps on the connected hardware sequencers? Thanks in advance ! Julien

Any chance to make it M1 native compatible?

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