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Name | Version: Refractor 1.0
Author: kinesotronic
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Refractor by Kinesotronic. A Max for Live device developed Kinesotronic to aid live
performance and bridge the gap between modular synthesis, DJing and live performance.
Refractor offers huge potential for a range of performers and disciplines way beyond modular synthesis and DJing. Refractor has been tested with crossfaders, breath controllers, touch sensitive controllers, Sound Beams, expression pedals, light sensors and more.

Refractor is a precision macro device, allowing you to control complex interactions with modular synthesisers, MIDI hardware or Ableton Live. This can be controlled through a specific sensor that you choose to implement to suit your particular area of expertise and style of performance.

Refractor can pass 1 x signal (MIDI controller or other mappable modulation source) and route the same signal onto 8 parameters whilst adding gradual (or extreme) processing to each signal (1-8). How much each signal is refracted depends
on the values you dial in.

• Precision macro control of musical parameters (e.g. hardware capable of accepting control voltage
signals, Ableton devices, virtual instruments and effects)

• Distribution for a range of input sensors (MIDI mappable) to 8 x CV destinations

• Gesture Recorder

• Full customisable envelope based control of output shapes via function editor

• Visual feedback via 3 x output monitors

• CV output routing

• Preset management for instant recall of settings

• Direct convergent mapping mode

• Internal parameter mapping

• Customisable interface

• Modular: Expandable to 64 simultaneous (individually shapeable) control signals

Refractor will alleviate needing 8 hands to perform complex actions by allowing fluent gestural control and a higher standard of virtuosity - by applying a simple method to perform and maximise potential and complexity, this really will take your performances to the next level!


Live Version Used: 10.1.17
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 30 2020 22:56:24
Date Last Updated: Jul 31 2020 01:31:23
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Hi, any way you could add PayPal to your shop for those of us who have no credit card option? cheers!
nobody is listening here it seems. well, will go with Smart XL then. not as colorful but at least they respond ^^

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