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Name | Version: AwJe MIDI Drone 1.1
Author: AwkwardJesus
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: As an artist with a big influence from ambient and noise, drones are a big aspect in producing for me. unfortunately, MIDI clips are sometimes a bit clunky for that, so I made this little guy here: play up to 8 notes and it will sustain them forever. It shows you what notes and at what velocities they were played. It also shows you one possible name of the chord based on the first note you play.
You can reset the drone (the displays sometimes take 2-3 clicks to be back in the beginning, that doesn't intervene with its function though), or bypass it to play on top of it. Fairly simple!

Any Feedback is gladly appreciated!

UPDATE v1.1:
- Reset now brings the displays back to default reliably
- Retrigger button added
- The displayed pitches and values can now be edited. Simply click and drag or type. After you’ve made your changes, hit retrigger and you will hear the results (only for notes that aren’t set to default C0-0)
- Presets: Up to 14 presets can be saved now by shift-clicking one of the slots in the bottom left.

- measuring and reproducing the timing between notes (so that modulation interferences between the played notes aren't lost when retriggering)
- per-note retrigger and mute
Combine this with my Chord Split ( ) and you are ready for multitimbral drone-madness.


Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: Jul 06 2020 20:35:02
Date Last Updated: Jul 13 2020 09:34:11
Downloads: 893
License: None
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Device File: AwJe MIDI Drone 1.1.amxd


i'm certain this will be useful to some people. Just fyi, you can absolutely loop midi notes in Live without them retriggering.

just set the loop bracket like this:
Thanks for this.

As wetterberg has said, you can sustain notes in live, but if you can manage a Retrigger feature, this would be a powerful little device!
I absolutely did that before, but it seems it never convinced me to use that method. anyway, v1.1 is out and Retrigger exists now!

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