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Hi, are you recovering your site?
Last good capture on the Wayback Machine is from Jan 2019..

I hope you do bring back your site. The Rhodes Chroma samples and these IRs are great, two solid products. Use gumroad or similar if you wish, instead of maintaining a site.

Thanks, Eanna

Thanks for this.

As wetterberg has said, you can sustain notes in live, but if you can manage a Retrigger feature, this would be a powerful little device!

Hey congratulations my friend!
Hope this is the start of many more useful devices for the community!

Cheers, Eanna

This, and the accompanying Sender, are excellent implementations of a common idea. Great work! Thank you!

Excellent device, was looking exactly for this, not for Polyplex, but to map notes from a busy midi clip into an octave applicable to particular orchestral instruments. I know, a chain of the stock Pitch devices can be pressed into service for this, but this is an easier implementation to work with, by far. And I do own Polyplex! So I'll definitely be glad to use this device with Polyplex too. Thanks again..

Superb!! Thank you!!

Amazing work! Wonderful! Thank you so much for your hard work and your generosity!

Ah, this j9k from planetz forums and Scope devices? Great to see you here....

Device works well, not sure about the name of the knob named "MODslidy" - behaves more like Mod Depth? And while its cool to have numeric slider readouts for the knobs, changing the numeric fields (a) doesn't update the knob location (but it does work the other way - the knob updates the field value), and (b) numeric fields don't have the same value range as the knobs.

Cheers, Eanna

Superb! Exactly what I was looking for!! Had a device chain just for this...

Thank you very much Stray / nativekontrol.

Hi, again, if Oisin could re-up the device that allows you name the CC's, that would be magic..

Btw, to niharsavala - Program and Bank Changes can be sent via Midi Clips.

Sysex is not an option, since Ableton actively filters it out of the stream - so Sysex using Ableton as the Midi Device is not possible. It may be possible for Max for Live to act as the Midi Interface tho, which would take Ableton's filtering of Sysex out of the equation...

Many synths and effects devices that have deeper parameter control by Sysex strings allow you associate particular CC's to control those Sysex-only parameters, and some synths will store those with the Patch.

Thanks, Eanna