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Name/Version: Universal Set Transposer 1.3
Author: wagoglin  
Description: This device will allow you to transpose multiple MIDI tracks in a Live set without the need to map each one by hand every time as you might with the stock "Pitch" device from Ableton.

Simply map a MIDI CC on EXACTLY one instance of this device and all other instances will automatically inherit it's transposition value!

I included convenient octave switchers and a pitch offset (typically for samples with roots other than C) as those are the two other things I frequently find myself using the stock pitch device for.

Let me know if you guys find any bugs too, this is my first M4L device.

V1 (5/20/2020):
Initial release

V1.1 (5/21/2020):
- Reduced Device latency from 1.5ms to 0ms
- Adjusted device so that only 1 entry is made into the undo log per key change rather than 20+
(Thanks 16x16 !!)

V1.2 (6/6/2020):
- Fixed the fact that MIDI control data like Pitch Bend and ModWheel weren't working with this device! (Thanks mackoall!!)
- Major overhaul of the Patching Mode View with lots of notes as to why I did certain things, hopefully could be useful to other beginners like me!

V1.3 (6/7/2020):
Sorry for such frequent updates! I think Max for Live 8.1.4 broke some things so I had to fix new bugs today! I decided to add some stuff too while I was at it.
anyways here the patch notes:
- Re-worked the internal octave control to a more simple and robust design, I believe the new M4L version 8.1.4 broke the old design.
- New instance creation of the device will not reset all others back to 0 st now so if you drag a new one onto a MIDI channel, the rest of the set stays transposed.
- Added a Sending&Receiving Icon to the initial view of the device in case you forget which one you have set as your sending unit like I have several times lol!
- Reworked the MIDI CC Mapping box to make a little more sense visually, it now just says whether the unit is sending or receiving rather than being a redundant transposition value.


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Downloads: 248
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.1.4
Date Added: May 20 2020 02:27:53
Date Last Updated: Jun 07 2020 23:55:28
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: Universal Set Transposer.amxd


Hi John!
Thank you a lot for great device. I've looked for some simple way to be able to globally change keys in Live (for pretty long time actually). This device does it very well.

Talking about bugs.
I have noticed that UST introduces a little bit of latency to notes in clip. It shifts notes just a tiny bit. Usually it's not a problem but if using Arpeggiator this desync is enough to make it miss a first note each time chord changes.
As side-effect of this since first note is missed the whole sequence of notes is shifted

I uploaded screenshots to help you understand what's going on

Really hope this bug can be fixed because other than that, device works like a charm, thanks for your work.

Good job and good luck!

Also 'MIDI CC Map In' fill-out Undo history

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm glad someone else is finding this useful. I just updated the device to version 1.1 which should have fixed both of the issues you detailed in the above comments. Everything is working on my end, please let me know if these fixes worked for you too! :)

Hi, first, i really want to thank you because your device is an absolute MUST HAVE :) I have a little problem, my ModWheel not work when your device is on.....any fix for that ?

Can you give me any more info on the problem? I'm unfamiliar with the mod wheel. Thanks!

Of course :) When i want to use my ModWheel on my usb masterkeyboard, the signal seems to be blocked by your Transposer.

Not sure what to say, I've looked through the Max file and don't know how it would affect the ModWheel, but my knowledge of Max and device parameters like ModWheel is limited. Are you maybe mapping the MIDI control that the ModWheel uses to UST?

Has anyone else had this issue?

Update: Did some more reading and got it fixed. Thanks for the help! Version 1.2 is uploaded above along with the patch notes :)

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