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Name/Version: Toggler v1.0 1.1
Author: brodiem  
Description: 8 Mappable On/Off signals sent via midi from C0 upward to G.Put it on any midi track and switch any device parameter on or off using a midi note.

Create a chain and set the key range for the device from C0 to C1, will work along side any instument.

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Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.13
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: May 14 2020 03:41:20
Date Last Updated: Jun 03 2020 08:10:57
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Is it not more a momentary switch than a toogle switch ?

I say this because Toogler turns on (or off) the device only while I keep the key pressed. The note off message (key depressed) makes the device to come back to its initial state.
I was expecting a different behavior :
- I press a key (and release it) : device on
- I press the same key later : device off

Actually, I don't think there is any true toogle M4L device around here (only momentary, for any strange reason), so it could be cool to make it work as a toogle device...
Momentary 8 pro for exemple is a great device (similar to yours with more options), but it's acting as a momentary switch.

good pointt ?, thats pretty cool too.I havent seen anything similar before thats half the reason i uploaded.I specifically wanted the midi note to toggle, internally is actually sending binary.

Check my other devices>>

i can make that function but why what are you doing?

Hi brodiem and thanks for the quick answer.
I would love to have this feature for using it onstage.
I'm using Live onstage, set up in a way I can launch a scene and I've got all needed for a song (soft synths, FX, prerecorded stuff etc. etc.).
So one song = one scene
Each time I launch a scene, I turn on a specific rack for the song I'm playing, with soft synths and FX on it, all grouped into specific racks I'm calling or disabling.
Let's imagine I'm playing a song and using soft synth A on the verse, and soft synth B on the chorus. With your device, I could turn on/off A et B only playing a note on my keyboard.
The same for any FX I would like to switch on and off with another note.
I think the best for me would be to map each note to a chain selector within the rack (instead of the on/off switch), but anyway you see the whole picture.
I don't think anybody did that with a M4L device, as far as I know (and I searched a lot), so you could be the first !
And I would be very grateful !
P.S. : and it could be cool to be able to choose the note you want to map. But anyway, just the toogle feature would be great...

agreed- if its an easy addition, the option of having toggler as a momentary OR a "switch" would be too cool ;]

i can create a drum pad type player that only takes control messages you would have to map each of the controls or you could remap controller messages with a midi tool like bome that would save mapping all the parameters individually but i can definitely take a look.

I addapted the cc in a similar device if this isnt what you had in mind please let me know.

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