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Name | Version: Favorite MIDI Presets 1.4
Author: andstrat
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Organize up to 135 MIDI presets in categories, store them with a name, rating, annotations and send them to your MIDI device.

- Switch Bank (=Sub-Bank) and Program.
- Switch between automatically or manually sending MIDI data to your MIDI device if Bank/Program is changed
- MIDI preset may have optionally a user definable name
- MIDI preset can be rated
- Choose to let MIDI data through
- Store and recall of a preset in preset slot
- Presets can be organized on row level. Each row has user-definable label that you can adapt to your own liking, eg. sound styles or status of a presets
- Last preset selection is save per category and can be recalled
- Recalled presets are automatically send to your MIDI device
- Clearing of all data or per row
- MIDI preset section can be hidden in case you just recalling your presets.
- Presets can be rated from 1-3
- MIDI send indicators
- Continious program counter
- Select next/previous slot in slot storage
- Give your bank a meningfull name
- The preset slot, bank and programm are MIDI mappable,


- Presets are now stored with your Ableton project or you can save it as a normal Abletone device preset (.adv files). Preset slots are automatically restored.
The code is based on SPECIAL THANKS to spiralune for this really useful hack.

- NEW: Presents can be rated from 1-3
- NEW: AUTO turned on will automatically send MIDI data to your MIDI device if Bank/Program is changed
- NEW: MIDI send indicators
- NEW: MIDI CC/PGM can be filtered via switch
- NEW: Linear Program Counter
- NEW: Select next/previous slot in slot storage
- NEW: Save last selected slot per category with name for quick recall
- NEW: Clear data in a row
- NEW: MIDI IN data will now change Bank and Program
- CHANGE: Slot storage size changed to 15x9
- CHANGE: Some visual tweaks here and there
- CHANGE: Some devices required Sub-Bank instead of Bank. Both are now set to equal value.
- BUGFIX: Bank selection now working

- Added a selectable bank size that is used to calculate the Linear Program Counter (bank size * program number).
- Banks can now have a user definable name
- Added a mappable number field for the currently selected slot.
- Added a field showing the current selected preset name that of the select preset slot.
- Some UI tweaks

- Added a section to take notes.
- Renamed 'Auto' to 'Send'


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.2
Date Added: Apr 21 2020 13:37:11
Date Last Updated: May 03 2020 16:08:30
Downloads: 704
License: None
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Device File: Favorite MIDI Presets.amxd


hi, good idea

see here to save patch with live set

and also can duplicate patch i live set without loose preseter
Thanks for hint! This looks nice and straight forward. Should be somehow incorporated into the official M4L documentation as an example.
great one - more BANKs please ( 99 )

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