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Name/Version: Block Piano Roll Overwrite 1.0
Author: NickHydeViolin  
Description: Video:

Block Piano Roll Overwrite is a Max for Live device that does exactly what the title says: Blocks piano roll overwrite.

How it works:

To block piano roll overwrite on track B, place this device on track A, and route MIDI from track A to track B. Because the piano roll is the first thing that occurs in the effect chain, there's no way to block piano roll overwrite unless you block MIDI from a previous chain.

This device has 3 ways of blocking piano roll overwrite, which can be turned on/off:
- Blocking note ons/offs from overwriting notes on the piano roll
- Automatically firing note offs when a note is about to overwrite another note on the piano roll
- Fire note off when a new clip is nearly finished recording.

Notes/unfixable bugs:

- The intended purpose of this device is to block piano roll overwrite in MIDI clips during live performance while overdub recording. If you use it with Ableton at a reasonable tempo while playing keyboards or other MIDI instruments, it will work 100% fine.

- Because Ableton's quantizer preserves note length, any note that is snapped forward can potentially overwrite a piano roll note. 2 workarounds exist: have Ableton's quantizer off, or use Nick Hyde's Custom Quantizer, which quantizes note ends independently.

- If you spam it with MIDI notes, use at tempo 999, or have an extremely large amount of MIDI on the piano roll, the device may not be able to keep up, based on processor speed, etc. It has to check the entire piano roll every time a note on/off message occurs. The more notes on the piano roll, and the quicker the notes come in, the more it can potentially slow down Ableton, and the higher chance a note will slip through the cracks. Because "changes cannot be triggered by notifications" (max developers know what I'm talking about here), it is impossible to maintain an accurate list of notes in real time if the piano roll is being spammed with MIDI data.

Update 5/18/21: Updated the color scheme to look like more like an Ableton stock device

Device Details

Tags synth, utility, other, dj
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Apr 08 2020 02:46:36
Date Last Updated: May 18 2021 05:44:38
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Can not get this working in live 11. Rec Quantisation is off . Device is on track A and midi routed to track B . During overdub on B and all switches to ON it is still overwritting notes.

Yes working . The Midi from must be set to POST FX

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