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Name | Version: PsuedoGroups 2.1
Author: barstu
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Drag this to a track to make that track act like it's part of a group. So say if I put it in track D and set it's track to follow to A, whenever I fire a cell in A it will fire the same row in D. It will also stop at same time.

I use this for when ever I don't want a track to appear under a group track and I want it visibly somewhere else in my set. Also get's around the limitation of no group tracks in group tracks


Live Version Used: 8.2.2
Max Version Used: 5.1.7
Date Added: Mar 28 2011 13:08:42
Date Last Updated: Mar 29 2011 06:37:47
Downloads: 404
License: None
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Device File: psuedoGroup2.amxd


very interesting device.
ooops, crash 8.2.1, and doesn't show up track selection box
Sorry to hear that, I just tried again on 8.2, mine isn't crashing. I'm gonna stick the beta on my machine later on so I'll try that.

Try the refresh tracks button? I'm guessing you have already.
OK I've tried it with the beta and it still worked for me. I have a feeling it is the track dropdown. It is using a component that maybe wasn't included. I have frozen the amxd. Hopefully that will help.
ok works for me now. But why can I just put the device on a midi track? why not audio?
I've uploaded an audio version here
Note Only the 1st stop cell press gets reproduced. This is because, in the API, every subsequent stop cell press does not return the source row index. To work around this use a blank clip to trigger cells across the psuedo group.
cool. idea ! great device. it works fine with the mouse but sometimes work and sometimes doesn't with the Push. wondering why?
.. same thing with launchpad. iat first i was thinking maybe it's because i also have selected those devices as a midi input in properties, but it doesn't seems to be the issue
Hi I'm not sure unfortunately as I don't own either device. I can only assume it's because they are control surfaces and are interacting with the clips in a non-standard way.
thx! shame i can't programme in max :(

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