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Name/Version: DrumBrain 1.3.0
Author: mganss  
Description: A Max for Live 808/909-style drum pattern generator and sequencer based on a Lempel-Ziv model.

- Generate patterns specific to 11 different instruments
- Create MIDI clips
- Continue mode, continues an existing pattern
- Patterns have low/high velocity
- Additional total accent (configurable amount)
- Select pitch and low/high velocity for each instrument
- Shuffle
- Pattern length between 1 and 32 steps
- Select "House", "Breaks", or "All" style patterns
- 909-like flam (configurable amount)
- Presets
- Select out clip which gets updated permanently

More info at GitHub (see below).

Demo at

The device name had to be changed from DrumGen to avoid trademark issues 🙄

- Add out clip
- Add play toggle

- Update out clip when parameters change

- Fix preset storage bug

- Rename

- Fix grouped device bug
- Add MIDI mappable preset recall
- Update for Live 11

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Downloads: 5794
Tags drum, sequencer
Live Version Used: 11.2.6
Max Version Used: 8.5.1
Date Added: May 14 2019 10:03:39
Date Last Updated: Nov 22 2022 15:33:33
Average Rating (8) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: DrumBrain.amxd


wow, that is superb!
like instant house but a way better.
it only lacks of shift parameter.

thank you!

totally awesome!!!

This is very well done. Being able to bake out sequences to MIDI clips is huge. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks very much for this, into the generative style as well.

Your devices are some of my most fav devices in Max. So well thought out and useful. Like even having a swing start at 50% is the better way to implement swing, I know instantly how much swing is applied and in which direction. Briil.

I found this very useful and the patterns really good. Throw a velocity randomizer after it and maybe a slight random midi note generator after and it makes a lot of really great, evolving patterns. I also use it for a special rack of percussion like tabla and egyptian clay pots. Highly recommended!

esssssss nycce

Is there a live 10 version of this?

Love this. The "Clip" feature alone is so great, saves several steps, and allows me to build up a bank of drum and percussion midi loops independent of bpm or drum kit.

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