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Name/Version: Many-Sample MIKADO 2019 V-3.1 3
Author: spiralune  
Description: cool thank you "" jiangxitong""

thanks to you everything will stay free

New v 3.1

repair Bug with Push

and Add new 3 Bank Knob For use with Push

best workflow within DrumRack


News V 3

Sampler Instrument & Drum sampler

Only Work in Live 10 & integrate max 8


add fade out fine tune

add filter section

and now work with long samples & Track Mp3

**(( recall = only one sample it's load in Ram at a time
if use folder with long Mp3 tracks be little patient to loading ram it's normal)) ***

-- sampler intrument in Midi Track (note = pitch )

-- Drum Sampler cool in Drum Rack
auto assign to C3 in drum rack Pad to avoid pitch samples when add to new pad drum rack

All assign to Push Encoder

in DrumRack you can use Push Duplicate Pad to another Pad without loose setting ,and auto transpose for allways trig at original pitch .

Push = Shift buton when use Encoder Rotary to Fine tune parameter
(( cool for Fine Tune " Start of sample " with Long Samples))


NEW V2.1 Mikado

-- add Button to Open Folder

(( drag&drop , won't work with Ableton Live as Administrator ,""if use jbridge"" ))

-- add push INC DEC samples

store and recall all function so put many of this patch in drum rack


new 2.2 add button for fast

Clear automation Enveloppe "Sample Select "

to last record Clip & last playing Clip

Make this because
bug Inc Dec +1 -1 with Push samples is also record with fader Sample#

(( From 2 first potard of Push you can move on Folder
with More than 5000 samples ))

if need automation samples to Clip
use Menu Folder Sample when record
it record only the fader Sample# automation


Update version Many-Sample 1.2

from Author: opticon93

Because Bug at restore samples select when patch
so long to load or if put many of this patch in drum rack ;;

thank to Author: opticon93


do not leave a message only if you are not satisfied

you can also leave a message if you are happy



news version 4 repair bug cause recall always samples 51 when reload liveset


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Downloads: 860
Tags drum, sampler, push
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Mar 13 2019 15:36:23
Date Last Updated: Jul 21 2019 01:49:30
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Many-Sample MIKADO 2019 V-3.1.amxd


Downloading, Thanks at first~

i have put in description

(( 67 download in 3 day = zero thanks

comming soon all patch as commercial only ,, pay !! shame ))

cool thank you "" jiangxitong""

that motivates !!

I erase the text in the description

thanks to you

everything will stay free

thanks you for all the others


hello, this is a GREAT idea. You know how much my computer gets bogged down trying to do 128s? Even just a few of them? Thank you!! I didn't really understand the don't copy from drum rack thing.. I've resorted to making a copy for each individual drum sound I have. However, is this device up to date? It seems to me it's buggy. When I change the sample remotely, it sometimes just doesn't play. I need to hit the reset button to get things back and running. It seems kind of random how this happens. But yes, fantastic idea and thanks for all the hard work!

hi, pwrbeats

Only Work in Live 10 & max 8

and iam on windows

i don't try on osx

can you tell me your version Live & max & system

I will look at what I can do

Hey spiralune, actually no worries on your end, I figured out the problem was around the decay knob having the same order as what I mapped for sampler possibly. However, I noticed a much better response time by taking out all the automation stuff and trying to simplify the device. Now, the samples load almost instantly, which is pretty important for me. I also swapped the filter section to include a low pass and a high pass using cascade~ (you could also do a 4-band or 8-band that way if you wanted). I don't really get why copy and paste doesn't work to put this on another cell or track, but I'm fine tweaking and re-saving an instance of this for each instrument. I can send you a simplified version at some point if it's interesting to you!

i , cool

iam revisited from this

Many-Sample 1.2

from Author: opticon93

you can share a new revisited version

it's cool

I will look at what you did


You know what? You are right. Im not ashamed, because shame is not helpful to personal growth, but after reading your message I realize that I have taken many of these m4l devices, and taken the hard work for granted. So thank you! For both reminding me to slow down and appreciate the hard work of other, as well as their generosity, and thank YOU for YOUR hard work on this great little device.

hey! idk why but for some reason every time I try to reopen a live set containing this device it doesn't save the sample#, the knob is always resetting to sample # 51. I think it's perfect besides that but I could really use some help because I really want to use this! thank you

hi snubdogg

can you tell me which version of live and MAX you have

tested on live 10.05 and max 8.0.3 (( 8.1 work also)

and what system windows or mac

because being on windows I never test on mac

I am waiting for your info to try help you

thank you for responding spiralune! im on live 10.1 on mac mojave, max version 8.0.4


iam try to find a friend on mac

to test what can i do

thank you so much!!

i snubdogg

i am revised new V-4

keep me informed if ok for you

thank you to find this bug h?h?

link here

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