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Hello Opticon, thank you for a great device. Do you know if there are limitations on how many copies of this device you can have on a project? Please let me know, my Max initialization and general functioning is not the same after a meltdown that happened when I was using Mikado's version of your device. I'm reluctant to try it based on trying to recover any ableton and max functionality for about a week and a half!

Hey! I appreciate this idea so much! I actually downloaded the Mikado one that spiralune tweaked but so wish I would have started here.. I had to simplify it A LOT and in the end got something near to what you had originally :')! However, in the process, it also messed up my midi workings in a freggin major way. Please, as you have experience with this, could it be related to multiple copies of this device on the same set? I noticed you do some send and receive, and also the scripting names.. do they have to be different even if the device is saved under a different name in a different track? I'm at the point where I can't even open this device without it crashing in about 2 minutes. Thank you for your help!

Hey spiralune, actually no worries on your end, I figured out the problem was around the decay knob having the same order as what I mapped for sampler possibly. However, I noticed a much better response time by taking out all the automation stuff and trying to simplify the device. Now, the samples load almost instantly, which is pretty important for me. I also swapped the filter section to include a low pass and a high pass using cascade~ (you could also do a 4-band or 8-band that way if you wanted). I don't really get why copy and paste doesn't work to put this on another cell or track, but I'm fine tweaking and re-saving an instance of this for each instrument. I can send you a simplified version at some point if it's interesting to you!

hello, this is a GREAT idea. You know how much my computer gets bogged down trying to do 128s? Even just a few of them? Thank you!! I didn't really understand the don't copy from drum rack thing.. I've resorted to making a copy for each individual drum sound I have. However, is this device up to date? It seems to me it's buggy. When I change the sample remotely, it sometimes just doesn't play. I need to hit the reset button to get things back and running. It seems kind of random how this happens. But yes, fantastic idea and thanks for all the hard work!