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Name | Version: Direct Arp 1.0
Author: dasfaker
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device is based on the great BlueArp developed by greywolf2004. There are some missing features from the original (harmonization, only the root note is harmonized) and some new ones


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jan 06 2019 17:15:48
Date Last Updated: Jan 06 2019 17:16:20
Downloads: 1938
License: None
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Device File: Direct Arp.amxd


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for making this.

BlueArp is one of the greatest Arpeggiators that I have come across since getting into DAW production 15 years ago.

You have made this even better by being able to stack notes in keyselection mode...... I cannot thank you enough.

Where can I donate?

Thanks for your words, dude! There's no need to donate, just did it for my workflow and shared it. I'm glad you find it useful.

There are still some unresolved issues, but my M4L knowledge is far from being good.
It's amazing and should receive more recognition, I have yet to come across an arp thats this functional. Having it directly input into the VST saves so much hassle, clears up the UI for a simpler workflow. Once again, thank you so much !
Hello, really really great Arp ... but to be perfect there should be K1 to K5! Don't you think?

Only up to K4 is somehow not sufficient to play arp rythms correctly with "normal" five finger chords ;-) There are reasons why BlueARP goes up to K5 ...

It would be really really great if you could change that to K1 to K5 ... please, with lots of sugar on top ;-) Thank you very much!

Cheers Andesiro
that's a great one !!
would love also the K5 ;) AND midi out per note to route on 4 or 5 instruments like in 2RuleMidiSeq5.amxd
keep up the good work !

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