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Name/Version: Integral Clock Divider 1.1.4
Author: stev  
Description: Introducing the Integral Clock Divider, a useful tool for creating generative poly-rhythmic sequences. Send this device clock-ins by sending it midi notes, set the 8 different clock dividers to even or odd divisions (1-32), and the dividers will generate different poly-rhythms based on your midi input. Perfect for creating interesting drum patterns, slow evolving melodies or pads, and fast complex arpeggiator-like effects.

This device is made to go with the Sequencing Clock Multiplier , Floating Clock Multiplier and Sequencing Clock Divider (coming soon). Use one or all of the individual clocks to run those devices and make a web of poly-rhythmic nonsense. :)


Clock Dividers

This midi device runs eight different clock dividers on continuous midi input. YOU MUST SEND THIS DEVICE MIDI FOR IT TO OUTPUT MIDI!!! These clock dividers output their clocks (other midi notes) in different ways based on the divisions you set. With a division of 1 it will output its note with every note input (multiple notes at the same time count as 1 note input). Set to 5 it will output a note on the first input, wait 4 notes, and repeat. ( 1 + 4 = 5 ). With different clocks set to different divisions you can generate interesting poly-rhythms based on midi input. The clock input doesn't have to be steady which can give you even more interesting results.

These individual dividers can be further divided simultaneously by the “Global Clock Divider”. Set the “Global Clock Divider” to 3 in our previous example and you would have a final division of 15, displayed next to the “=”. The Global Clock Divider can be set in decimal numbers, integers, or powers or 2. You can also offset the individual divisions, making it so that it waits a certain amount of clock ins before outputting its first clock out. These global divisions and offsets are graphically displayed at the tops of the individual clocks by the moving multicolored bars. When these bars finish their cycles and move from far right to far left the clocks will output.


This device can either receive midi input from the midi track in which it resides or it can receive it from an external midi bus. This depends on whether you're using the “Midi In” or the “Bus In” feature. The “Bus In” feature is compatible with Ableton's “Max Midi Sender” device from their Max 7 Pitch and time Machines pack, or my free “Heap Midi Sender” device. This device is basically the same but has more channels, is less user friendly, and can send individual notes.

You can also set it to receive one note instead of all notes with the “All/One” tab. This way you can control multiple midi devices from the same midi track. (Hint: Pair this with the Sequencing Clock Multiplier, Floating Clock Multiplier and Sequencing Clock Divider for maximum fun.)

Pitch In

When the pitch in toggle is active, the pitches of the clocks are modulated by the pitches of the incoming midi notes. Use this to generate poly-rhythmic arpeggios and other more dynamic melodic material.

Reset In

When the reset function is on, you set one note that will reset all of the clocks. In hot mode they reset right away, in cold mode they reset on the next clock input.

Individual Clocks

Control the division of the individual clocks as well as the pitch, velocity, duration, and optional quantization to Live's grid. You get relative control of the velocity and duration of all clocks. As well as global control of everything except pitch. 

Pop Up

Access the pop up window by clicking the “Big” button. Use the pop up window to play this device more musically with a keyboard interface for control of pitch instead of knobs.

Push Integration

Parameters automatically map to Push in clearly labelled banks.

For more specific instructions, mouse around the device There's built in info text about specific parameters.

Demo Videos:

Letting it play:

Turning knobs and stuff:

Made to work with:

Sequencing Clock Divider

Floating Clock Multiplier:

Sequencing Clock Multiplier:

Heap Midi Sender:

Buy these devices together at a discount in the MIDI clock pack:

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Tags sequencer, effect, utility, other, push
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Oct 05 2018 18:57:55
Date Last Updated: Sep 23 2021 02:25:17
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Get out your pick axe. Cuz we just struck SOLID GOLD!

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