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Name | Version: Sequential Delay 1.0.1
Author: stev
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This device allows you to sequence the amount of delay on your left and right channels with two, independent, eight step sequencers. You get control over the speed, amount of steps, phase and offset of the sequencers as well as the size of the delay grid, the steps on the y axis of the delay sequencer (0-8). Controls for the feedback of the delays, fade between the steps and dry/wet are also provided. Use the link and "link to" functions to link both audio channels to the left or right sequencer or have them run independently.

The device has built in info text for more explanation.

WARNING: BE CAREFUL WITH HIGH FEEDBACK! I'm going to figure out more ways to control the feedback on this device (particularly when the delay time is at 0). For now be sure to change the "0 Value" knob to not 0 before turning up the feedback to avoid feeding the signal into itself at your buffer size. There are measures in place to make sure it wont blow up or anything but it wont sound good either!

I hope you enjoy and that the interface is clear! This is my first uploaded device and any feedback is appreciated!

-Stevie Schmidt

UPDATE: Version 1.0.1
Fixed preset storage on sliders. Any presets saved on old versions should now be remembered with the update. Last minute changes caused my initialization order to get screwed up!

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Live Version Used: 9.7.5
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Feb 02 2018 22:51:27
Date Last Updated: Nov 24 2018 22:46:37
Downloads: 1367
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Sequential Delay 1.0.1.amxd


Stevie... my name is blortblort and I am a delay-a-holic.
seriously... I own an obscene number of delay devices and would not give up most of them.
your Sequential Delay is brilliant.
there have been others that have attempted to do this sort of thing, but they do NOT measure up to what you have achieved here.
Sure there are a lot more bells/whistles that you *could* have chosen to incorporate into this gem, but I love the way what you DID choose to include work together...not sure what if anything I would suggest to add!

free is way too generous. Unbelievable for a first post device. Cant wait for your next work!

Thank you so much! I have some more delays coming out soon and some other tools. I wanted to make this one free since its my first release and I wasn't sure if people would find it useful or if there was going to be some glaring error that people would get mad at me for if they bought it. Maybe I'll make a deluxe version of this that costs money since people seem to be liking it.


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