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Name | Version: Sweeper 0.02
Author: synthesizerwriter
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Simple and fun (and with free 'Frasier' references), Sweeper is a variation of my recent 'Waivy' plug-in, but adapted for use by those people who like to use their own .wavs instead of pre-compiled wavetables.

So Sweeper allows you to use the default wavetable (different to the one in Waivy, of course) or drop your own .wavs onto the waveform display and then select the part of the waveform that looks interesting (and sounds interesting). The separate 'Wave' control allows finer selection, and the 'Sweep' control allows dynamic wavetable sweeps in real-time, as per various synthesizers of the past.

Please note that M4L and Live are a little bit selective in their import of AIFFs, and so only .wavs can be used in this plug-in. (Sound of people converting AIFFs into WAVs...)

Also note that the obvious use: extracting waves from loops, turns out to be somewhat less than as brilliant as I hoped, so don't be disappointed. (Sound of people not converting AIIFs into WAVs...)

[Sweeper is currently only available in a 'dark' version!]


Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.1.0
Date Added: Jan 03 2016 08:39:42
Date Last Updated: Jan 03 2016 18:45:20
Downloads: 1600
License: None
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Device File: Sweeper0v02mr.amxd


I'm not getting any sound, using max 7. Looks interesting though.
No sound for the default initialisation, or from dropped WAVs? Have you tried moving the 'Start' and 'Wave' controls? (Sometimes there's a bit of interaction...)
I've refrozen the device and uploaded a new amid file. Please try reloading.
That did it. The first couple sounds sound pretty cool. Thanks :)
Awesome.just curious about the lack of a full ADSR envelope, i can,t get sustain sounds.
Sweeper is a quick taster of the forthcoming new version of Waverne, so it was coded quickly and some functions are not implemented!

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